The Five Biggest Myths About Marijuana And Why They’re Completely Wrong


Thought Catalog


1. Marijuana Can Kill You


This is simply not true. According to studies, marijuana does not have any impact on mortality or public health. In other words, you aren’t going to overdose and die as a result of smoking marijuana. Back in 2001 a study suggested that users were at a high risk of a heart attack in the hour after using marijuana, but that number was revealed to be  one-fifth of 1% of heart attacks. Not an overwhelming number at all.

2. Marijuana Kills Brain Cells


Ironically enough, not only does it not kill brain cells, but it’s also been proven to improve the cognitive functions of those suffering from bi-polar disorders. Further research has shown that when THC comes in contact with cancerous brain tissue, the cancer cells were destroyed, while the healthy cells were still left intact. That may…

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