Fundraising for 420 Philippines’ Detainees of Iba, Zambales

by Talampunay Cindycat

Cubao, Philippines – Since the arrest of 20 individuals on April 20 in an affair called “420 Philippines: A Day of Music and Festival”, a series of fundraising events are now being held at Today X Future in Araneta Quezon City to collect funds for the detainees that are still under arrest at Iba, Zambales’ Provincial Jail.

As of May 5, the charged individuals who declined to reveal their identities are now down to 15, with 2 minors under the custody of DSWD Zambales. Three are now released because of bail and two of them were foreigners.

The fundraising has no entrance fee and the merchandises sold within the event, including drinks and apparels, will directly go to the detainees in Zambales. Those who went to the event showed support by singing and dancing along to the live performances of On The Spot, Open Jam, Information Drive and DJ Sets by Logik, Lady and Chex.

The 420 Philippines who claims that they support the detainees, is a non government organizaiton who fights to create awareness about the medicinal and recreational benefits of the Cannabis plant. “Hindi naman talaga namin sila pababayaan.” said Michael, a 420 Philippines’ core member who refused to give his last name for his protection. The group who’s composed of many individuals is now asking for legal advices from prominent lawyers who are used to the type of cases the detainees are now facing.

A donation box was passed around during the event for supporters to donate monetary help. The money collected will be brought as food and clothing for the detainees staying in the Zambales Provincial Jail.


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